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A3logics is a leading edi service provider helping you with powerful edi solutions that delivers value-driven results. A3logics is a trusted and renowned EDI service provider in the USA helping businesses connect with their partners seamlessly.

What I did

  • UI
  • Research
  • Viusal Design
  • HTML Css and Jquery

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Project scope

EDI Professional Services

Providing Permanent and Contract EDI Staffing Solutions in Heathcare IT. A3logics is the perfect choice for the right EDI implementation solutions

Project Duration: May 2021 TO June 2021

The Problem: Increase brand reputation and brand awareness

The Goal: Develope a fast and easy to load Responsive website. Increasing your brand reputation and awareness by new website.

My role: As a lead UX /UI Designers /Front-end Designer/ Front-end Web Designer.

My responsibilities : Planning UX research studies, analyzing and usability testing, iteration, and the creation of a html user interface ( html css amd jquery.)

As a front-end designer maintain, improve, and implement site, while shaping its underlying structure and responsive layout system. also work to establish and maintain best practices and improve the mobile presence of our site. With my expertise,level up the technical abilities of teammates, and collaborate with both Design and Engineering.

In front end technologis we used HTML,CSS,jquery, tools like command line, npm, GitHub, etc.

The design is fully developed and gives a complete picture of the completed design. It addresses the user’s needs for a simple, yet engaging and uncluttered design.


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Plan responsive web pages

appearance, or layout, of a website, depending on the device being used to view it and the size of the screen. In the image above, the website uses a multicolumn layout on a laptop screen size, and a single column layout on a mobile phone screen size.

Responsive design is an integral part of good UX, as it increases your product’s usability.


Challenges and Takeaways

In the end, I reflected on how the project went and like every other project. My goal was develope a fast and easy to load Responsive website. increasing your brand reputation and awareness by new website.So what were my biggest challenges?

  • Site working on all device with resposive and fast
  • keep all seo data as well with new site.
  • Proper way to engage customerer
  • There was a lot of back and forth in my designs and methods as I wanted to make everything perfect ( well I hope I did )

What did I take away?

  • I learned a lot about easy layout with with Semantic HTML elements
  • also I learned about boostarp framework, grid and flex systems.
  • learn more about css media queries. Using media queries are a popular technique for delivering a tailored style sheet (responsive web design) to desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Next steps & Recommendations

should be more work on html accessibility with best practices and try make html with SEO friendly .

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